Monday, June 22, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

mornings in chicago

Work is being particularly grueling this week, but in the morning I still give myself time to watch ER reruns on TNT. We're in the third season now, and Doctors Corday and Romano have just reared their heads.

There's something very fascinating about watching a show like this 2 hours at a time, 5 days a week. It brings the character arcs and storytelling to the forefront, very much for the benefit of the repeat viewer (see: Buffy season 6, which really only works on DVD as a major-miniseries). I'm partially watching it out of nostalgia, and also waiting to see where exactly it went off the rails, but so far its still going strong (if memory serves it starts sinking when Maura Tierny arrives).

In fact, until recently I would've debated if ER ever had any true longstanding character arcs aside from romances and offspring. But its true! It's a complex well thought out machine that was hindered by primetime network viewing.

The biggest surprise for me has been watching Laura Innes as Kerry Weaver and Gloria Rueben as Jeanie Boulet. I'd always loved Jeanie, but Innes is really delivering a crazy, layered, mesmerizing performance as Weaver, who keeps growing leaps and bounds in complexity. It really is impressive.

Another plus is watching the revolving door of the guest cast, which is jam-packed with amazing people. Mariska Hargitay just become the over-eager receptionist. The hair does not suit her.

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