Thursday, May 29, 2008

new work part i

my very own economic stimulus package. to purchase, email

10x8 mixed media on canvas

desert bones
8x6 mixed media on canvas

8x6 mixed media on canvas

6x12 mixed media on canvas

10x8 mixed media on canvas

unspeakable i
8x10 mixed media on canvas

unspeakable ii
8x10 mixed media on canvas

unspeakable iii
8x10 mixed media on canvas

new work part i

unspeakable iv
12x16, mixed media on canvas

unspeakable v
12x16, mixed media on canvas

unspeakable vi
15x30, mixed media on canvas

unspeakable vii
30x15, mixed media on canvas

unspeakable viii
18x24, mixed media on canvas

unspeakable ix
18x24, mixed media on canvas

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

semi-daily doodle

I'm happy that both the new Death Cab and Ladytron albums deliver some winners. Your New Twin Sized Bed and Tomorrow respectively.

Monday, May 19, 2008


This fall, CBS and Jerry Bruckheimer are remaking the BBC miniseries The Eleventh Hour. FOX and J.J. Abrams are making Fringe, which is essentially remaking The X-Files. Both are about government agents who investigate the more science-y side of science fiction.

Personally, anything that advertises itself as "from the writers of Transformers" has an uphill battle from the get-go. It may look pretty, but I doubt Fringe will consistently deliver.

I have the pilot scripts for both, and while few have read Eleventh, almost all say Fringe borders on unreadable. I'll let you know when I get some spare time.


TB: I just saw FRINGE
ME: and?
TB: :-\
ME: figured
TB: my prediction: JERICHO type fan fervor. no one will watch
ME: on paper fox is always promising.
TB: the dialogue and acting were heinous

semi-daily doodle

Saturday, May 17, 2008

can we talk?

Can we talk about how this was the first Lost in ages I didn't fastforward through and anticipated the follow-up?

Can we talk about how this makes two Battlestars in a row that have been amazing, last night's even coming close to season 1 greatness and developmental momentum?

Can we talk about how having end dates for two series has saved two series?

NBC better set an end date for Heroes, lest is veer further off course.

semi-daily doodle

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

semi-daily doodle

dear blog

Blog, I am upset. I have neglected you again, and what is worse I have neglected drawing (this after my friend OtherKyle starts up a facebook fan-thing involving my said art!).

I have tried to be a good little trooper and focus on one thing at a time, but this is not the case. I have been consumed with Day Job and written projects, and my poor scanner is covered in cobwebs (not really) and my drafting table is caked in dust (really).

There seems to be a lot of disappointment going around right now, so I am going to try, ever so hard, to post a drawing a day. Who knows, they may even be good.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

review: confessions of a superhero

Strangely, just before this arrived in the mail from Netflix, we got James Knoblauch and Shawna Kenney's identically themed photobook Imposters for our birthdays.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

oh, cruel fate

Seemingly unemployed for 4 days, Boy and I were able to get some great headway made on personal projects. We were all set to enjoy our hiatus and go to karaoke tonight when a phone call came. To make this post sound exciting, let's call it a Mission.

The Mission was taken care of swiftly, and we simply had to wait for approval before we headed out for a night of singing.

In an alternate world, we went out singing and I sang "Stacy's Mom" to great acclaim. In the real world both the dogs got skunked.

I blame the Mission. If not for the Mission, we wouldn't have been home to let them out, and thus, no multiple baths in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Its true. Tomato juice is apparently a myth.

Did I mention that Murphy hates baths and had to have three? Tucker was little trooper, but Murphy thought the initial bath, the peroxide/soda mix, and final rinse were all acid.

Boy Addendum: You know what you should write? "Like, well, I let the dogs out for one last pee and THAT'S when they found a skunk. And it found them."

Friday, May 2, 2008

playlist (annotated)

Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? She & Him
Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward provide tender surprises. The whole album is actually pretty great, but this first single played on Indie 103 stands out in my mind. I didn't want to double up on artists, but if there were two She & Him songs on here the other would be I Was Made for You.

Pork and Beans Weezer
Complete Weezer albums rarely do it for me, but the singles always hit the spot.

Upon first listen I thought this was new Cake, but it was not. No harm, no foul. Enjoyable wordplay.

Love Me Dead Ludo
Fantastic simply because it includes the lyrics "You're a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature finger-bangin' my heart."

Hut Everything is Energy
This was, of all things, on Judith Light's celebrity playlist and I adore it.

Mamy Blue
Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra
Found on Rebecca Romijn's celebrity playlist. Tarantino-esque vintage gold.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Propellerheads are almost synonymous with the gym.

Be Gentle With Me The Boy Least Likely To
Resurrected to the playlist thanks to Baby Mama musical montage.

Pills (Live) Sarah McLachlan & The Perishers
The new Rareties, B-Sides and Other Stuff volume was released with little fanfare. I actually found it by accident, and this was one of the few tracks I didn't have already.

Violet Hill Coldplay
I wasn't a big fan of X&Y, but I do enjoy this. They're not wallowing or rockin' out, they're doing what I like Coldplay to do: playing in the middle.

Cobrastyle Robyn
It's friggin Robyn covering the Teddybears. Hello, treadmill.

Always Be My Baby
David Cook
Guess who I'm rooting for?

How Many Licks?
Lil' Kim & Sisqó
Reunited with my ipod after a skinny femme rocked a spoken word version at karaoke last week.

juno who that Is?

So, I take Boy to Cliff's Edge for his birthday dinner. Sitting next to us is another talbe of 4 also celebrating a birthday. We're all having wine and talking and we really should've just pushed the tables together.

As happens often, Boy has some sort of weird connection with everyone. In this case, it turns out that their friend from college they're talking about has worked with Boy. It turns out that we're the bastards who are throwing a party during birthday girl's saturday night party.

So Birthday Girl opens her gift, and it is a dvd of Juno. and then we look down our row and there is Juno. Ellen Page, being tiny and eating.

Wined-Up Birthday Girl is like, "Fuck it, its my birthday." She gets up, takes the Juno dvd over to Ellen Page and goes, "Hi, I'm SO sorry to do this to you, but its my birthday and what are the fucking odds that I'm given a Juno dvd at a restaurant with you sitting two tables down?"

Ellen Page is all awesome and nice and asks how to spell her name right, signs her dvd, and wishes her a happy birthday.

Then as we're walking out, we see Ron Pearlman eating, and one of the new gays quietly says, "le petite friend! le petite friend!" completely endearing himself to me.

so we invited them all to the housewarming.