Tuesday, May 17, 2011

optimistic about the fall: NBC and FOX

In no particular order (because I'm lazy):

AWAKE A great cast and intriguing premise have me on board for this, which falls very much in the "something different" category. I may actually be more excited for it, or almost every other new show, if it was given term limits. You assure me you've got 8/13/22 hours of gutwrenching excellence? I'm in.

SMASH Didn't expect to find this as good as I do. It makes me want to go rewatch Every Little Step and Show Business. If anyone deserves to glower behind a desk, It's Anjelica.

PRIME SUSPECT Another pleasant surprise, especially in the remake category. I've always loves Bello, and this gives off a bit of a Nurse Jackie vibe, which I'm totally down for.

UP ALL NIGHT I seriously laughed out loud when first watching this trailer, and I'm happy Arnett and Applegate look like they've finally gotten the perfect vehicle. And after Bridesmaids, the mere sight of Maya Rudolph is like a stamp of approval.

THE PLAYBOY CLUB I'm not sure how I feel about the homicide aspect, but I'm fascinated by retro-active sexual politics, be it in Far From Heaven or Mad Men.

GRIMM A supernatural procedural with the weight and resources of law enforcement behind it? Yes please.

ALCATRAZ I have no proof behind this thought, but I can't help thinking this was an episode of Fringe they just couldn't let go of, and now we have a series. And if its like The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, apparently there will be 321 episodes.

TERRA NOVA The only thing that can torpedo this is unrealistic family politics, because eveything else is gorgeous. Even if they're totally destroying the timeline of the planet.

THE NEW GIRL Thanks to ABC and Happy Endings renewal some, if not all, of the pilot will have to be reshoot. Hopefully they find someone else to round out that great trio of guys for a funny and warm single camera comedy.