Friday, April 23, 2010

our neighbors to the north

I woke up at 5 yesterday for an early morning flight to Portland. After a runaround crazy few months, this is the last big thing on my "to do" list, I almost forgot I was leaving so early so I could actually RELAX and have a vacation and clear my cluttered little mind.

The flight alone let me just sit and listen to music and let thoughts roll through my mind.

The thing about ending a relationship is that in some ways you're back to where you started before, and that's not always a place you want to return to. You to have refocus on who you are, and what you want (and wanted) in the past. In some ways my coming Portland could be one of the best decisions I could have made, because I feel like I'm embracing the good parts of "what was" and "what could be."

As a city, Portland seems small, but has some oomph thanks to a giant river cleaving it in two. Everyone is nice and personable, and its just great to slow down. I'm here visiting my friend Mike, and I'd call us "Big City Boys," who could use a gear change every now and then. The only thing that's missing here is a hammock. I'm sort of obsessed with putting one on his front porch.

Tonight we meet our friends Greg and Monica, and tomorrow the Stumptown Comics Festival starts, which has sort of taken a back seat in my mind. It will be fun, and great, but I feel like I've already accomplished so much on this before even setting foot on the convention floor.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i keep writing "portlant" and not "portland"

Dear Blog,

Lots going on. You're neglected. You probably think I only saw two movies and have been doing nothing else. But you would be wrong! I have been very busy, both workwise and personally.

The Big News is that I've moved to Los Feliz, and the bigger news is that next week I'm getting on a plane and attending the Stumptown Comics Festival in Portlant Portland, OR. Due to space restriction I'll be sitting on the laps of with Mike DiMotta or Monica Gallagher (or our friend Greg, who doesn't have a website to link to).

See, I was serious about recommitting to comics and art in 2010. So committed I've started saying yes to things without much of a plan (other than: my passion will prevail!). So I'm drawing. A lot. And you'll see. Soon.

On the pop culture side of things (like comics aren't?) I've been spoiled by Lost. 4 weeks without a Jack or Kate-centric episode and Desmond. I'm also terribly smitten with every aspect of the new Doctor Who (except the new TARDIS interior). The new Scissor Sisters song makes me feel like I'm overflowing with light.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

review:: how to train your dragon (3D)

strange flavors

A big thanks to everyone who came out for the Scoops showing, I sold out of all my framed pieces! There are leftover prints that are very shortly going to migrate over to my online store, and a few pieces may get a tweaking and become new editions for those of you who want some two-dimensional ice cream in you lives!