Thursday, November 29, 2007

make it work!

Taking a page from Tim Gunn, we're trying to make our packing process quick and efficient. True we have a few days to evac the apartment, but packing and working at the same time pretty much blows.

Did I mention our closing was pushed a day because the loan company forgot something? Gotta love it.

So we've been going through our crap, and believe me it is plentiful, and touching every single piece of everything we own. That's the tricky part, you can't just point and Mary Poppins things into a keep/donate/trash pile. You have to touch it, move it, and even for a millisecond consider it.

I'm pretty sure we're taking the bed over tomorrow night to spend out first night in the house. A shame the furniture won't move until next week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Do you know why I'm not afraid of signing a 30 year mortgage? Because I never want to pack boxes to move ever again. Ever.

Friday, November 23, 2007

gobble gobble

Did you have a nice thanksgiving? We spent ours in East Cali for a low-key dinner with family.

I've been boxing off and on all day, and I have to say, I have a lot of crap. It was easy to go through the clothes and put a lot in a donation box, but other stuff is proving more trying.

If you ordered cards or noggins from my store recently, rest assured that they're in the mail, and the 5 orders that aren't, will be tomorrow morning!

I'd really rather not move these 4 paintings, so here they are at a reduced price. Look! I participated in Black Friday after all!

"Dead Leaves" 30x40 on canvas. $500
(includes crazy shipping charge)

"Proper Seasonal Attire" 18x24 on canvas. $300

"Indie" 12x12 mixed on canvas. SOLD

"Space Case" 16x20 mixed on canvas. SOLD

email if ya wanna!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Mom2 and the dogs saw the house in person for the first time today. Mom2 predictably loved it, and the kids went ape-shit running around the yard in 5 million directions.

I was under the assumption that ESCROW was over on the 30th, but in truth it turns out to be over on the 28th, and might in fact close even sooner than that.

And I have only packed 6 boxes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Don't you hate it when a movie is announced and it's amazing title is later rendered moot by the movie that accompanies it?

See: The Ghost and the Darkness, Monster's Ball.

the state of the pop culture union

Personal Update: House stuff. Boy coming back into town. Packing.

Geek Update: TV
- Pushing Daisies: I've seen the first 3, loved it, and the rest are saved to the DVR for Strike Viewing.
- 30 Rock: The most consistently wonderful show on television, they can even pull off forced stunt casting (I'm looking at you Jerry Seinfeld and David Schwimmer).
- The Office: Thank God those hour-long monstrosities are over. I'll take my tight 22 minutes over a freakishly painful 44 any day of the week (which in this case, is a thursday).
- Heroes: This is just getting SAD when even the always-wonderful flashback episode has me skipping through entire scenes. My indifference to some characters has now been replaced with loathing. The one show on television that hopefully will be saved by the Strike.
- Ugly Betty: The sophomore mini-slump is over, and things are looking up since Betty always does great holiday hours (3 of the first season's best episodes related to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).
- Law & Order CI & SVU: What the hell? Criminal Intent (which has the horrible miscasting of Alicia Witt) is becoming consistently enjoyable on USA while Special Victims (which has the horrible miscasting of Adam Beach) has turned into a soap? If I wanted forced catfights between female collegues, wouldn't I watch Women's Murder Club?
- Reaper: Suffering severely from Smallville Monster-of-the-Week syndrome and illogical character development. Should be a half hour.
- CSI: Steady as she goes.
- Brothers & Sisters: Always has that one storyline that bugs you (almost always involving Balthazar Getty), but remains a nice, mellow, primetime soap.
- Samantha Who: DVR'd for Strike viewing.
- Dirty Sexy Money: DVR'd for Strike viewing.
- Battlestar Galactica: Sure its still off the air, and sure I haven't watched my Razor screener yet, but I still want to bitch about how awful the last half of season three was.

Geek Update: Comics
- World War Hulk: What? A poor shipping schedule, a lackluster final 2 issues and an ending that is so ambiguous it shouldn't even count as an ending.
- X-Men, Messiah Complex: I have to say I'm actually enjoying this. A lot. Which is unexpected since X-Men (save for Astonishing) has sucked for a few years now.
- Batman, The Resurrection of Ra's al Guhl: or as John said today, the Resurrection of Blah al Guhl. Grant Morrison is turning into the Bjork of comic books, and Batman's "kid" is lame, while Superman's is awesome even if...
- Superman, the Third Kryptonian: was a mess. Was this stuck in a drawer labelled 1994, pulled out and colored digitally?
- Spider-Man, One More Day: I can't even calculate how much I've stopped caring.
-Secret Invasion: I'm so ready for this, I just wish the Avengers books would catch up with each other.

You can totally tell that comics have switched over fully to graphic novels as the end game. So many books and arcs read wonderfully once collected, but get to be confusing and painful in monthly incriments.

Monday, November 12, 2007

no country for old men

no country for old men

a long belated post

Hello blog, how have you been? Myself, I’ve been pretty busy. So busy in fact everything is pretty much a blur and I don’t know where to begin.

Did I tell you we’re in ESCROW again on a new house? We are, and the house is amazing. It is slightly terrifying and very exciting. ESCROW is a literal countdown until you move into a new place, and thus I have no desire to clean, only to pack. This is a conundrum since I have to clean before I can pack, but why should I pick things up if I’m going to throw things away? Luckily, Mom2 is flying into town on Wednesday (with Boy who is visiting her in Kansas City and taking her to see Avenue Q), so I have to clean some, and then I will pack on top of that.

My parents were actually in town-ish a week ago. Palm Springs is about a 2 hour drive from LA, and to visiting tourists looking on a map, they may as well be the same place thanks to urban sprawl. We spent a few days with them, and I told them about the house in person (perhaps the longest I’ve ever kept such a big secret successfully). Predictably, Mom was very happy and we hit up all the usual suspects shopping for house supplies. The guest bathroom and bedroom are done, minus an actual bed.

I’ve been hard at work on both work-work and my children’s book, which is going slower than expected thanks to a laptop snafu. I’ve been without a powerful computer for about 2 weeks now, and it’s a bit maddening. I’m coloring 600dpi images on an old desktop PC, and doing word processing on an old borrowed G4.

The Creature Features gallery show has closed and I’ve picked up my pieces. I need to code a new gallery page so original paintings can be purchased at a reduced price. I need to sell these bastards because they’ll be one less thing to move come December. The coffee table book of the show should be ready in time for Comicon next year, and I’ll be signing my two-page spread at a time to be determined. The next show in my immediate future in March, themed around flying monkeys, with an accompanying book set for next Christmas.

I’m typing this infront of the Arclight waiting for a screening of No Country for Old Men. There is a shocking number of people coming out of the Hollywood Tans salon, which is sad since it’s a beautiful day outside and sunshine is free.

I’m seeing the movie to kill time so my car can finish being detailed, since the dogs re-enacted choice scenes from The Exorcist all over my seats and floor.

Tucker had surgery earlier in the week to fix an inverted tear duct, as well as a dental cleaning that involved the unexpected removal of two dead teeth. After the first day you wouldn’t even notice he’d been in the hospital, so I thought I’d reward the boys with a trip to the dog park to play. I was rewarded with copious amounts of vomit.

I have to say, I’m pretty surprised the Holiday Cards have been moving so slowly. I put them up early this year to avoid the time crunch of previous years, but it appears the time crunch is more about everything buying late.

The Writer’s Strike is getting pretty ugly. We’ve been stockpiling shows on the DVR, and a lot of my friends are on picket lines. It’s obvious that the issues won’t be resolved until after the new year, and if it goes on until February, Boy and I will start to feel the burn as advertisers start pulling out of Rerunland.

The sinking suite to Titanic is playing on the loud-speaker, adding an odd sense of urgency to…sitting here.

Also, I love seeing how many people are leaving 24 Hour Fitness and lighting up cigarettes. I’m sure they’re going to smoke in their hybrids, too.

Well blog, I feel like I’ve told you a lot, and nothing at all at the same time. Longstory short, I’ve been busy, homebuying is all-consuming, and Christmas plans are now in a constant state of flux. I’ll let you know how the movie is.