Thursday, November 29, 2007

make it work!

Taking a page from Tim Gunn, we're trying to make our packing process quick and efficient. True we have a few days to evac the apartment, but packing and working at the same time pretty much blows.

Did I mention our closing was pushed a day because the loan company forgot something? Gotta love it.

So we've been going through our crap, and believe me it is plentiful, and touching every single piece of everything we own. That's the tricky part, you can't just point and Mary Poppins things into a keep/donate/trash pile. You have to touch it, move it, and even for a millisecond consider it.

I'm pretty sure we're taking the bed over tomorrow night to spend out first night in the house. A shame the furniture won't move until next week.

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PortugePunk said...

first night in the new place is always exciting. congrats, boyzzzzz.