Monday, February 4, 2008

worker bees

Oh, blog, how I've failed you yet again.

Its not my fault. Really. I usually do 9 commercial projects a month, and maintain my online store and try to get some side projects done, but January saw over TWENTY projects occur. TWENTY!

The house is coming along very nicely, thanks to a short visit by my mom. Home isn't just where the heart is, its also where the mom has been.

And now I must get back to doing art for a Nickelodeon pitch!


Selvo said...

OMG, if you get a show on Nickelodeon I will Tivo that thing like crazy. Nice work with the building looks very kid-like.

Justin said...

That graphic looks very Nickelodeon, for sure. I missed your blog. Right when I decide I'm hooked, you disappear. It's nice to hear from you again.

In the mean time, I got hooked on Matthias Ink (linked from your site)and Bent Objects (linked from his). So thanks for spreading the wealth.

carlos_881672 said...

I like it :D

PortugePunk said...

I LURRRVE this. Me want me want.