Thursday, April 10, 2008

no money, mo' problems

It's estimated that the Iraqi occupation has cost each American family $16,500. And the government is giving us $600 back. Which I'll either use to pay for gas or to nurse the deep wound taxes left of my wallet.

There should be a way for you to specify where your tax dollars go. Think of it. The Midwest would keep the military going while the coasts paid for education and healthcare. California would pay for alternative energy research while Florida kept Social Security on its feet.

We've been crazy busy with work at the house, but I will put a stop to everything for new 30 Rock and the Office tonight. I missed them with a rabid passion undetected until now.

Kinda over American Idol. We fast forward through most if, stopping only for Carly and the Davids. Sometimes Jason Castro. Wish he'd cut his hair.

I have several new paintings that need to be finished, but work just keeps pouring in. A lot of it is for the military, who are turning to Madison Avenue to lure in new recruits. Still, if I must work for the Navy, at least I can have something good to look at:


Richard said...

Ouch!! Large, bold strokes may work well in artistry, but some midwesterners may object to you painting us all with such a big brush.

Justin said...

Amen on the "something good to look at" thing.

And The Office last night was the most awkward half-hour of television I've ever sat through...

kyle-cummings said...

Richard - I'm from Texas. And trust me, more than a few Californias would pay for the military, too.

Justin - It was totally "Who Afriad of Virginia Wolf"