Wednesday, August 13, 2008

pick a little, talk a little

Oh Internet, Where to Begin?

The past week and a half has felt more like a month, with accompanying highs and lows.

The Lows:
-Houseguest is in jail and we found a stash of illegal material in the guest room closet. The find being the most traumatizing (and unhygenic).

- Boy spend the majority of last week in Kansas visiting his mother, when, of course, a ton of work arrived. Sadly, Mom2's internet connection crapped out, so he had to do mountains of work online essentially using very slow dial-up, thus making work take up 97% of his visit.

- After returning from the Ting Tings concert (see below), I came home to a house with only two dogs. Ginger had escaped (by apparently jumping a five foot fence) and was missing the entire evening. For those of you who's never really seen our house or its location, we're up in the Hollywood Hills. We have coyotes, deer, mountain lions, raccoons, skunks, rattlesnakes, and speeding human traffic (paparazzi, tourists, and residents angry at the first two). A lost dog usually equals a dead dog unless it's found. Thankfully she walked over TEN BLOCKS south (towards busy roads) instead of north (into the canyons and Griffith Park).

The Highs:
- Ginger was found and given shelter and food for the night by a nice man. The next day, after very little sleep, I discovered "FOUND DOG" posters down by the market with a phone number. She had her collar on, and we had had her name tag made the day she went missing, but the little cheap fastener ring had broken. If you were to scan her microchip at a vet, our information would come up, but if you were to call the number on the collar it said she was registered to the state. Long story short, doggy found, nametag on, higher fence is currently being installed.

- Wednesday night, pre-Gingergate, I went with friends to the El Ray to see The Ting Tings. Horrific opening act aside, they put on an amazing show, and its easy to see why they got a record deal based on their live performances. Not much on stage banter, just a lot of jammin' head bopping ear candy.

- Saturday night, after locking the house down like a fortress post-Gingergate I went to see Eddie Izzard with friends at the Kodak. It was very odd seeing him in person, since in college he was relegated to a 32" TV screen, or worse yet, realvideo. A friend of mine works for Eddie, so we had amazing seats and had access to the afterparty at the Roosevelt. It was a surprisingly small affair held in the Gable/Lombard penthouse on the roof, and proved to be one of those rare glamorous-yet-low-key hollywood evenings devoid of assholes and piles of cocaine. An enjoyable night was had by all, and Ginger was home waiting for me.

The view from the Penthouse's first floor window, looking down on Grauman's Chinese, Kodak Center, and TV Guide building

Today is now filled with yard work and drawing, while next week sees us flitting off to Texas for my sister's wedding. It snuck up on me. Did you know that its August already?


Silus Grok said...

Losing a pet is scary and traumatic … glad it all ended well.

: )

Justin said...

Eddie Izzard is a comic god.

And I'm glad you found the dog. That's a terrifying feeling!