Monday, December 22, 2008

the magic kingdom

Oh, Blog. I am so tired and sore from two days (and two 9 year-olds) in Disneyland.

We stayed at Disneyland Hotel on the property which was nice, as was the perk of getting up at 6am and going into the part at 7 before the riffraff got in with general admission. With that free hour of essentially walking onto any ride you want, a man with the a plan can do everything he wants to do ASAP.

The neatest thing, of course, was seeing Disneyland through the eyes of the kids, who still believe in Santa (as they should) and still get a thrill out of seeing costume characters and Sleeping Beauty's castle (let's face it, as an adult that Castle has more in common with a minigolf course than it does with rabid fantasy).

A good time was had by all, and now I'm at home in the drizzly rain with Mom2 and four (!) dogs. We're dogsitting two boston terriers until saturday.

I regret to inform everyone that due to work (lack of updates should prove this fact) I haven't really had time to do my annual christmas gift this year. Not even christmas cards for myself. Hopefully I'll have a belated version done soon.


Justin said...

Did you get to see the Haunted Mansion all done up like Nightmare Before Christmas? I thought it was awesome when I was there.

kyle-cummings said...

we did, and i prefer it that way