Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the living and the dead

Oh Man, internet, what a time I've had. Between the resurrecting plague (I'm better! I'm not! I'm better!) and boy having a tooth pulled, we've been one wonky house. On top of all that we've had work (yay! but nay!), the dogs, and unseasonably hot/cold weather.

I remember when I used to blog multiple times a day, and draw all the time, and now those days feel like they were someone elses.

Still, I did get to flex the drawing muscles the other day. It makes me feel good. I have so much I want to work on, but work is a means to an end (the end usually being exhaustion, mouse arm, and achey back), but we've got to perservere.

I think if I watched the finale of Battlestar Galactica without all the various time-flashes it would've been a perfect hour of television.

As a side note, I got offered a movie job the other day, and couldn't even finish the script. It was borderline torture-porn, and two days later its still bothering me (even more so after learning that the author was a young woman writing what I can only assume are basement lurker fantasies). Not my cup of tea, and certainly not something I want to add on top of my current workload.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Way to be choosy. I'm glad you know you can be.

And I really like that drawing above. I'd love to see some color.

Herschel said...
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kyle-cummings said... H!

Herschel said...
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