Monday, September 28, 2009

bonjour/bon voyage

Hello Blog!

I am at the tail end of a much much much needed vacation.

Seven days ago I untethered myself from the computer, and flew with Boy over to Boston to stay with our friends Craig & Lisa, who were married almost a year ago.

They have an 80 year old house (the definition of "charm") in Arlington Heights that we treated as our own personal bed and breakfast, which a little town center accessible through a park that lines the lake across the street. They both kept apologizing for having to work while we're there, but there's nothing like sleeping in, waking up with nothing to do, brewing coffee, reading, and walking into town for lunch. The pedestrian-ness of it all really made me miss the east coast.

Now, don't get me wrong, you CAN be very pedestrian in LA, in fact one of my friends doesn't even own a car, but time is the key factor. I often don't have time to walk down the hill or take a bus, I need to get a book for work, get home, and finish said work.

After a few days of leisure in Boston (including a surprise visit by Boy's Dad and Stepmom), we took the train (yay! mass transit!) up to New Hampshire, where the leaves are already changing and the weather was getting chilly. We took in our annual Jonatha Brooke show with our friends Pierre and Andrea and have proceeded to be no-good layabouts for another few days. We leave tomorrow. I miss my dogs, but man, I needed this.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

That sounds glorious. My time in San Diego was perfect and VERY pedestrian. I loved that.