Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i keep writing "portlant" and not "portland"

Dear Blog,

Lots going on. You're neglected. You probably think I only saw two movies and have been doing nothing else. But you would be wrong! I have been very busy, both workwise and personally.

The Big News is that I've moved to Los Feliz, and the bigger news is that next week I'm getting on a plane and attending the Stumptown Comics Festival in Portlant Portland, OR. Due to space restriction I'll be sitting on the laps of with Mike DiMotta or Monica Gallagher (or our friend Greg, who doesn't have a website to link to).

See, I was serious about recommitting to comics and art in 2010. So committed I've started saying yes to things without much of a plan (other than: my passion will prevail!). So I'm drawing. A lot. And you'll see. Soon.

On the pop culture side of things (like comics aren't?) I've been spoiled by Lost. 4 weeks without a Jack or Kate-centric episode and Desmond. I'm also terribly smitten with every aspect of the new Doctor Who (except the new TARDIS interior). The new Scissor Sisters song makes me feel like I'm overflowing with light.

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Gregory said... is in soft launch!

And I'm far too mature to follow that up with a dirty pun about you sitting on my lap.