Thursday, January 20, 2011

changing seasons 2.0

Due to time, apartment size, and supplies, most of my art recently has been digital, and if indeed paint touches anything its usually paper on a smaller scale. A few weeks ago my friend Larry asked me to paint a larger scale version of Changing Seasons for use in a short film, which he would later buy to hang in his house.

The idea of painting large appeals to me, but can be logistically and financially challenging. I thought it would be fun to give it another go (especially since I knew it was going to hang on a wall and not languish in my closet), and now I find myself moderately addicted to the idea of making everything BIG.

The short film wound up changing locations (to an entirely different city, actually) before the piece could be finished, but it recently found its way to a new home.

I feel like an Art Monster has been roused from a deep slumber.

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Jeffred said...

I'm very excited to see you dreaming BIG again! Love your artwork!