Wednesday, December 26, 2007

not a creature is stirring

I've been very mixed up about the holiday season this year.

I do quite a bit of work in the world of commercials, so I started listening to Christmas carols while working on TV spots in august, and starting in october retail stores started to catch up with me. By the time christmas day rolled around, I was on my fourth christmas: One with friends, one with Boy's family, one with my father's side and one with my mother's.

Aside from holiday meals and family gatherings, I've spent the past few days doing nothing, which has been fantastic. After a month of moving, sick dogs, and work, a few days of napping and TV watching has really helped me recharge my batteries to tackle 2008, with a nice little cushion thanks to Santa.

I've been called out by my friend Jack for not blogging enough recently, which is fair, but I didn't really think you'd be enthralled to hear my account of unpacking boxes. Never fear, we're unpacked now, and a semi-normal (is it ever REALLY normal?) life can resume again.

Alien vs Predator: Requiem

Sadly, it was the only movie playing tonight during our availability window. I need to see Sweeney Todd and Juno, stat.

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Sarah said...

Juno is great fun. Allison Janney is awesome and her accent was much more impressive to me than what you heard in Fargo. More people in MN sound like her and it was a much more subtle take and my siblings and I all thought she was perfect.