Friday, December 7, 2007

what kind of day has it been

Not only did we have sewer and electric out yesterday, but the Murphy was sick, too.

After a day of shaking, dehydration, a fever of 105 and a trip to the ER, murphy is home with meds, his favorite blanket, and the fireplace.

(gastrointestinal bacterial infection)

Wanna help pay for an ER vet bill? Buy some holiday cards, because you only have a few days for them to be out in a timely manner!

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Matt said...

Awww. Is Murphy gonna be okay?

Over to your shop now ...

kyle-cummings said...

he's still shakey with a fever today, but he does do better the first few hours after his meds. I'm hoping he's more up to speed tomorrow, because its pretty heartbreaking to see him hurtin.

Matt said...

I hear that. When my dogs have been hurt or sick, I'd do absotively anything to make it all better. Good thoughts to him - and to you guys.

Justin said...

Aww. Poor Murph! Here's to hoping that the rest of the move goes smoothly!

*crosses fingers*