Friday, January 11, 2008

leaking information

goodbye, old pipes

Given a recent pipe leak and dishwasher/drain incident, we've decided to just finish redoing all the plumbing. This includes installing a laundry sink to wash my brushes in, as well as a water softener. It's also made redoing the guest bathroom more of a priority (since the pipes are already being tinkered with).

One of the main TO DO's of the house has always been the guest bathroom's leaky showerpan. The whole bathroom was redone in the 70's, so it's tacky and leaky with a fair bit of wood rot where the counter and shower met. One unexpected discovery did occur today though: under the horrid vinyl tile sits the original hexagon tile of the 1920's.

PRO: Awesome tile that was probably going to be simulated at a later date still exists thanks to a cheap corner-cutting renovation.
CON: The vinyl was affixed with asbestos. Or, I should say, a$be$to$.

And so it continues.

I can't tell you how happy I am that we bought a house that required some maintenance instead of a major fixer-upper. I really can't. I'm not sure how our friends Greg and Rob (Grob) are doing it.

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