Sunday, June 15, 2008

i'm voting republican


yoshi said...

One of the many reasons I enjoy your site is that you avoid political commentary. So when I see posts like this it kind of ruins my day.

(no where close to being a republican but this video is outright propaganda and many of its points are outright false)

kyle-cummings said...

I knew a comment like this was coming, but ... its a blog. If my republican texan parents can laugh at this, I'm pretty sure other people can too.

Justin said...

No, really. Amazing video. Screw the other comment. If you can't air out your political opinion on a blog, where the heck can you do it?

It's funny and smart, just like the rest of the content on this blog.

Homer said...

So sorry Yoshi's day was ruined!!!

In my biased opinion, that was a particularly astute video, highlighting the problems the Republican party has to face if it wants to survive.