Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thought No. 1 - Why are the bleak Bournes/Batmans/Bonds raking it in?
Normally, when the world is in the tank SciFi rules - escapist fare brings in the big bucks. But, I think the world is so upset and screwed right now, that people want to see someone addressing semi-real problems with semi-real action. That Star Trek reboot may be a big hit, but its Batman taking on The Joker, or Jason Bourne and James Bond taking on shadow governments and terrorists that is putting people in their seats.

Thought No. 2 - Horrible people don't make for good reality television
After a while it was painfully hard to root for anyone on the latest season of Project Runway and now a Trifecta of Villains has emerged on The Biggest Loser. Fashion can get away with bitches, but one of TV's biggest feel good shows? I literally walked away on tuesday night, preferring to read the end results on Television Without Pity instead of sitting through the rest of the show with those people.

I want my entertainment to be happy, and if its not happy, then I want it to be kicking the crap out of bad guys.


Justin said...

Amen and amen. And I especially agree about Project Runway. What a crappy bunch of cast members this time around.

PortugePunk said...

Speaking of happy entertainment.... no... we WON'T speak of Heroes this season.