Friday, November 21, 2008

global warmed

In between three concurrent jobs, I gave in and took the dogs on a hike. During said hike I removed my shirt, sweated, and later put my shirt back on because my shoulders were turning a bit pink.

It is November. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK.

WTF nature?

If you happen to care at all about my holiday plans, we'll be staying in LA for both Christmas and Thanksgiving. I'm exhausted from travelling and saw my entire family, extended and otherwise at my sister's wedding. Ergo, first Christmas in LA (which I'm told is a delightful ghost town).


Justin said...

Took your shirt off? Man...we've been getting snow in IL. It's weather as usual around here. I tink if I took off my shirt I could cut glass with my nipples this time of year.

Justin said...

watch that video below. What on earth is that from?

Justin said...

For some reason, half of my comment got eaten by the void.

I had said, "I finally could watch that video below..." etc.

*shakes head* Sorry for all the comments.