Thursday, November 13, 2008

the whirlwind

No fewer than two people gave me blog grief yesterday.

The big(ish) news to report is that on monday I did a last minute pitch at Disney Channel. Unlike my previous pitches, this one was on the Disney lot in Burbank (home to Eli Stone and Samantha Who), which is a strange blend of whimsy and corporate officepark. Nothing is really neat until you go inside a building.

The Frank G. Wells animation building, for whatever reason, has an entire display case of famous Disney hats. Mary Poppins. Tron. The Rocketeer. Everything. It was strangely enchanting.

The meeting went well. Revisions were asked for. We'll see.

My mom's been in town all week, doing Extreme Home Makeover: Mom Edition. She's kept on Texas time, which means she gets up at 6am and goes out front and does gardening. Last night she single-handedly finished painting the dining room while Boy and I worked.

I wish I had her efficient cleaning gene.

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