Sunday, May 3, 2009

newsbits: finding nemo

After a busy weekend (birthdays, wedding, and the like) Sunday is being mellow. Expect my Wolverine review tomorrow night, as I brace for the worst.

- Has anyone thought of hiring drug cartels to fix our infrastructure? I'm pretty sure that 4,200 foot NORAD worthy tunnel between Tijuana and San Diego is solid. Hell, can we get them to build us the subway extention to Santa Monica?

- I don't like how Michael Mann's Public Enemies is shot. I guess I'm old fashioned, but I want grit and film grain in my period films.

- The Rock is teaming up with Disney (again) and McG for a remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Interesting since early buzz stated that McG wanted Will Smith for the role of Nemo (assuming of course that The Rock is playing Nemo) in what's rumored to be a quasi prequel to the source material.

- Chace Crawford starring in a remake of Footloose, taking over from a bailing Zac Efron? I guess those gay rumors were unfounded...

- Rumor has it that NBC renewed Chuck, Southland, Parks and Recreation, Medium and Law & Order. Southland's renewal however, isn't what it seems -- NBC just ordered 13 episodes total to fill out the midseason, no word yet about the fall. The show's tumbled since its premiere, and I'm partly to blame: the last 2 episodes are still sitting on the DVR.

- There's still no official airdate for Torchwood's 3rd season/miniseries thing, but the British Film Institute will host a preview of the first episode in London on June 12th.

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Bart said...

That's funny because I would have considered seeing that Witch Mountain movie if they had cast Will Smith instead of The Rock.