Wednesday, May 6, 2009


- No sooner do I track down a piece of Chris Pine Lantern fanart does a new name get thrown into the casting ring: Bradley Cooper.

- The Japan-set Wolverine sequel is a go. I'm finding it hard to optimstic.

- Ryan Reynold's Deadpool is getting a spin-off prequel. I'm finding it hard to optimstic.

- It seems like almost everyone I know but myself has seen Star Trek. I'm seeing it Friday at 1. Review forthcoming.

- My extreme dislike of Danny Gokey and a vengeful American Idol set out for blood has a wonderful horror movie percolating in my head.

- I'm not really a "horror" sort of guy, but I do have a soft spot for space terror, so I'm sort of looking forward to Pandorum, which looks to be this decade's Haunted House in Space (see: Event Horizon), much more so than Sunshine.

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