Friday, July 3, 2009

the grind

After three solid weeks (even weekends!) of work work work, Boy and I finally got off our fat asses to get to the gym yesterday. And what did we see? How about an older korean woman in cardio-dance wearing a TOS Starfleet uniform, and an elderly woman having an oopsie poopsie in the stairwell.

We then treated ourselves to massages to undo the damange done by sitting in an unnatural desk position for weeks on end, and now I feel like I've been hit by a big rig. I don't have anymore knots...but I don't think there's any muscle left, either.

The 4th of July weekend may or may not hold more work (well, it will, but the extent of rush-rush-rush is TBD), but we're going to take advantage of a quiet morning and go see The Hangover.

I'm going to take down Boldly Gold link (there's 1 left) and move it to my store, and then post a Bright Eyes print link...I think I'll keep them on the blog for a week, then move any left overs to my store, which needs a refresher. Also, all the Boldly Go prints went in the mail yesterday, so keep an eye out if you ordered one!We also took a free moment the other night to see our friend's band Anthem of Silence, who were amazing live. Amazing. First time seeing them live, and I loved it (and am sort of sad they're on hiatus this summer while their cellist tours elsewhere). Because I really don't have enough to do, I'm in the process of giving them a new identity, as seen below:

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

I'm glad you can take a moment and get a massage. That's kind of wonderful!

And the band logo is freakin' sweet!