Saturday, October 27, 2007


So busy, so busy! In leiu of typing up a large paragraphical entry, here's a list of to-do's and been-done's:

- Halloween is tonight for us. Two parties (maybe three).
- I am going as Linus. Boy is going as an auto mechanic.
- When Boy put on auto mechanic outfit Murphy started growling at him.
- The gallery opening was a big success. I've sold 3 pieces that I know of, and have been told the online gallery is finally being uploaded in the next few days.
- It is lightly snowing ash outside, with a few drops of rain.
- Muenster cheese is my new favorite
- My friend Mike left town, my friend Rob arrived in town, and next weekend my parents will be in-town adjacent
- We put in an offer on another house, but have yet to hear back
- Only 2 pages left to draw in my kid's book
- Ugly Betty is finally getting back on track while Heroes continues to derail.
- My old laptop sold on ebay, but new one isn't here yet, leaving us with one computer for the house
- Read the Magneto screenplay, surprisingly very cool

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