Monday, October 1, 2007

ding dong

The phone just rang, the house deal is dead. We're walking, and I'm totally fine with that. Now its over and we can keep looking.

Yesterday was the Abbott Kinney Festival, which was grueling, but fun. I was there from 8am til almost 8pm, and my back is reeling from standing most of the day. Still, I sold about 70-ish% of my stock, met some good people, and had a very interesting time people watching. I don't think I've even seen so much man-botox in one place.

Now I only have 5 days to finish 3 paintings for the October Shadows show, as well as try to get this latest book under control.

The book is driving me a bit batty. It's written, It's thumbnailed, it's just taking a awhile to get the actual pages done, something I'm not sure they'll reflect upon completion.

1 comment:

John Bierly said...

Just means there's a better one out there. (You know that already, but it's true.)