Friday, October 12, 2007

the new kid

Like Murphy before him, we got Tucker about two days earlier than expected. In fact, we got him a few hours after getting his balls chopped off (You're welcome, Bob Barker!). He's obviously a little confused, but his tail wags almost constantly and he and Murphy are getting along great (there's some sort of weird dominance/protection vibe going on, which makes me think in a past life Murph may have been in the klink).

I can't recomment rescuing a dog enough. To think that this little guy is 4 years old and just happened to vanish from his home for who knows how long ... breaks my heart. From his malnutrition to his behavior (he was totally mystified by the bed and kept taking his treats and eating them in the dirt), you know wherever he was there wasn't enough love. But he has a new home, two new dads, and a new brother now, so I think he'll do just fine.


Matt said...

Awwww. You've done a great thing. Rescues are always the best way.

kyle-cummings said...

given his fear of rain, he DESPERATE desire to be pet at all times and his new found love of snuggling...well, we didn't get much sleep but we totally did the right thing.

Signalite said...

Yay for brothers! You're in for it now you know.