Friday, October 12, 2007

a family of four

Boy does lots of things he shouldn't do. Like he visits even though he's already afraid of flying, and he checks the animal shelter database for new arrivals. So now I, the dog person, and Boy, the "I'm-not-a-dog-person-but-totally-really-is-a-dog-person" are adding to the family:
We took Murphy to the shelter yesterday to meet him, and they got along like gangbusters. (A little too well some might say, but like father(s), like son(s)...) He's being snipped and chipped now, and we should get him in a few days. We've named him Tucker.

Murphy & Tucker has a good ring to it, eh?


PortugePunk said...

now you have to append your bio to the left to say "we have TWO dogs." :P

Michael said...

I smell a new sitcom!

Matt said...

Two dogs really are better than one. They'll keep each other company and are more fun to play with. (We have three ... now THAT I might not recommend ... )

Enjoy! He's adorable!