Friday, May 2, 2008

juno who that Is?

So, I take Boy to Cliff's Edge for his birthday dinner. Sitting next to us is another talbe of 4 also celebrating a birthday. We're all having wine and talking and we really should've just pushed the tables together.

As happens often, Boy has some sort of weird connection with everyone. In this case, it turns out that their friend from college they're talking about has worked with Boy. It turns out that we're the bastards who are throwing a party during birthday girl's saturday night party.

So Birthday Girl opens her gift, and it is a dvd of Juno. and then we look down our row and there is Juno. Ellen Page, being tiny and eating.

Wined-Up Birthday Girl is like, "Fuck it, its my birthday." She gets up, takes the Juno dvd over to Ellen Page and goes, "Hi, I'm SO sorry to do this to you, but its my birthday and what are the fucking odds that I'm given a Juno dvd at a restaurant with you sitting two tables down?"

Ellen Page is all awesome and nice and asks how to spell her name right, signs her dvd, and wishes her a happy birthday.

Then as we're walking out, we see Ron Pearlman eating, and one of the new gays quietly says, "le petite friend! le petite friend!" completely endearing himself to me.

so we invited them all to the housewarming.


professoreric said...

Hey, "new gay" here... Last night was great, and you are right we should have pushed the tables over.

Since we have already told "birthday girl" that we can't make her birthday party, because we are being good citizens on Sat (volunteering for two different non-profit youth programs [50 pts for us] most of the day) we probably can't make your sweet house party (will kid and play be there?). if we can't i hope we see you soon elsewhere... maybe we can take you to our friends ice cream shop. what do you say?

again great to have dinner with you guys. -e

kyle-cummings said...

ice cream it is!

Christine said...

Birthday girl here. This post is awesome! I wish I was as suave as you made me out to be when I asked her to sign my dvd. Dang! Maybe I should have had you write my intro for me.

I'm bummed I am running around all day and can't make the party, but please, seriously, if you guys kick people out early enough (or drag them with you) come join me for drinks!

See you for ice cream soon, as well, I hope!

Justin said...

That story is absolutely fucking amazing. I'm speechless...good thing I'm typing.