Wednesday, May 7, 2008

oh, cruel fate

Seemingly unemployed for 4 days, Boy and I were able to get some great headway made on personal projects. We were all set to enjoy our hiatus and go to karaoke tonight when a phone call came. To make this post sound exciting, let's call it a Mission.

The Mission was taken care of swiftly, and we simply had to wait for approval before we headed out for a night of singing.

In an alternate world, we went out singing and I sang "Stacy's Mom" to great acclaim. In the real world both the dogs got skunked.

I blame the Mission. If not for the Mission, we wouldn't have been home to let them out, and thus, no multiple baths in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Its true. Tomato juice is apparently a myth.

Did I mention that Murphy hates baths and had to have three? Tucker was little trooper, but Murphy thought the initial bath, the peroxide/soda mix, and final rinse were all acid.

Boy Addendum: You know what you should write? "Like, well, I let the dogs out for one last pee and THAT'S when they found a skunk. And it found them."

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Justin said...

Eww. Not a good time!