Monday, September 8, 2008

kitchen confidential

I'm working from the kitchen table today. Why? Because my kitchen annoys me, and I figure if I have to sit in it I'll be more inspired to get work done so I can pay for a remodel.

The kitchen really isn't all that awful, especially for a house built in the 1920's, but as a whole its a mixed bag. It was fully rennovated at least 10 years ago, back when our wood floors were a more golden oak or pine, and not the dark wood they are now. The cabinetry and tile work just don't fit with the rest of the house, and after cleaning up from last night's pasta dinner the tile countertops tested my very last nerve. Some are dinged, some are chipped, and the grout will never ever be clean again.

There's also the organizational problem. While we love our stove, its placement isn't ideal for more than one person to be standing infront of it. For all intents and purposes, the oven and stove may as well be in an apartment.

Also, what I wouldn't give for a pantry.

So yeah, I know I'm whining about my kitchen in my house and there are other things to complain about, that's my vent for the day.


Silus Grok said...

You're smart to wait: you need to get the feel of some spaces (especially spaces that have to be highly functional) before you can properly tackle a redo. But whatever you do, I'm sure it will be amazing — and well-documented (nudge nudge).

CassieCutthroat said...

The majority of people I know would classify their kitchen as a problem area, so you're not alone there.

You should see my kitchen, you'd feel wonderful about your dirty grout.

Good luck with your kitchen renovating dreams. I'm pulling for ya.

Justin said...

I just finished reading your vacation updates through to this one...

It sounded like a whirlwind trip of great times! was going back to Taint? You used to do a lot of art for them, as I recall from reading your blog for all these years.

90210...*shakes head* It was nice to see a familiar face or two.

And...our kitchen used to be a hallway, and then we moved into an apartment with a gloriously huge kitchen. And now we're STILL stepping on each other's toes when we cook. Apparently it wasn't the kitchen.