Tuesday, September 9, 2008

purgatory, or a fall preview

Ah, August/September at the movie theatres. Purgatory. The time when nothing good comes out, and some so-so films shine like gold. Due to our travels we haven't seen Hamlet 2, House Bunny, or Death Race yet, which is probably good since for the next few weeks there's not much to see.

When I went to see Hellboy 2 weeks after the premiere, the trailer roster before it was painful. It looked like direct to video fare and fake trailers that you see in Hollywood-based movies...but they were real. And they have real people in them. All around town there are billboards trying in vain to sell me Bangkok Dangerous, Traitor, and Lakeview Terrace.

I think Nicholas Cage, Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson all lost a bet.

There is hope on the horizon tho (even if Harry Potter has apperated to summer). Surprisingly, the film I'm most looking forward to is Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I'm not a Michael Cera groupy, but I could really use a Can't Hardly Wait-ish comedy that's actually funny (two of my friends have already seen and enjoyed it greatly).

Other Movies of Interest:

Bolt - Even tho Lilo & Stitch creator/director Chris Sanders was ousted from Disney's new CGI  venture, I still want to see it. The trailer is funny, and compared to Chicken Little, this looks like The Incredibles.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - More than Brad Pitt or David Fincher, I'm excited to see an F. Scott Fitzgerald movie. I haven't read the story in so long, I'm hopeful for a somewhat original movie experience.

Burn After Reading - The only bright spot in September, I want to see this for Frances McDormand's reaction shots alone.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno - Hopefully the right mix of dirty/feel good.

Milk - I really had little interest until I saw the trailer. Still, I'm leary of obvious downer's right now. I keep having to dodge United 93 on TNT.


Jory Dayne said...

Ok -- I am so stoked for Bolt. Pleasantly surprised, most of all by the fact that it's "shot" in 3D not being paraded around like some sort of added value, but merely almost as a "in technicolor" blurb at the end of the trailer.

And ditto your thoughts on Milk. The first and only time I've ever been excited by a Sean Penn project!

kyle-cummings said...

The closest I've come to being excited for a sean penn related project was the I AM SAM soundtrack.

Strange that I prefer the Beatles sung by others, no? Yet still no ACROSS THE UNIVERSE for me.

Cully said...

I'm afraid I am going need you to see 9 to 5. I have no idea how you feel about musicals, but it has Allison Janney in it, so that's a plus for you, right? I need a vicarious experience of it before it gets here, and you are the closest person I know to it.