Friday, September 26, 2008

recovery days

Dear Blog, did you know that I am now a tropical storm? It's true.

After over 2 weeks of non-stop work (not even free weekends!) I got so stressed I formed a weather system.

After turning down 4 more (!) jobs this week, Boy and I are regrouping. Me, working on personal projects, and he doing yardwork, which strangely is his relaxation method. Bless.

After date night last night, we returned some dvd's we'd rented for work, and picked up Kill Bill V1 on blu-ray, which was such a gorgeous transfer that when it was over and we switched to the season premiere of Ugly Betty in HD, it looked soft and unfocused.

Poor Ugly Betty, after a sophomore slump I gave you chance, and now you've lost me for good. Hope you enjoy NYC.

I knew Heroes wasn't going to be very good, thanks to a friend on staff there, but I wasn't prepared for how off course the show has become. It pains me to think of the talent on that staff and how the ship is going the wrong way.

Next week sees the premiere of CSI, which I'm excited for, even though I'm not thrilled about Laurence Fishburne replacing William Peterson.

Now I must return to work (my personal work), because its incompletion has been eating away at my very soul.

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Aaron Bailey said...

Sigh... I felt the same way about Ugly Betty.