Wednesday, April 29, 2009


- TV Networks will lose $21.5 million by not airing Obama's speech. I know technically we should be switched over to digital signals and not analog -- but we're not. The government still owns the airwaves and have pretty much given them to the networks to make a profit for over 50 years, so they can suck it up a bit.

- Sean Hannity offered to get waterboarded for charity. Kieth Olbermann wants him to do it, I want him to do it, and I think every YouTube and every TV Network wants him to do it. What's the big deal about waterboarding, right?

- Tonight is Lost's 100th episodes, titled "The Variant," and is said to be a companion piece to "The Constant," a Desmond episode so great it could probably stand with some of the best Twilight Zone hours ever crafted.

- Look! The Anit-Devil Wears Prada!

- I have no real feelings either which way about Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien, or the Tonight Show takeover, but I do like the logo:- This weekend Cartoon Network will air the final 5 episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Its been so long since a fresh one, I thought the show had already run its course. Oops.

- This is sort of awesome:

- Ridley Scott may want to do an Alien-prequel sans Ripley. Between this is Fox's Predator reboot (PredatorS -- which sounds great except for the mixed-bag that is Robert Rodriguez), and rumors of a more serious Fantastic Four relaunch (so they don't lose the liscence)...can Fox be getting their heads on straight?

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The logo is great; the personality, not so.