Wednesday, April 15, 2009

newsbits: x-kids, housewives, and michael vick

- No, its not April Fools, Texas Govenor Rick Perry really did say Texas could secede. Even weirder: growing up in Texas, I know that were the state to secede, the plan is to break the state/country into 5 smaller states. Like Voltron.

- Like Wolverine, the pilot for Caprica leaked onto the internets. I didn't go looking for Wolverine because I want to see a finished movie in an actual movie theatre. I didn't go looking for Caprica because I simply don't care.

- Is NBC coming back to life? I dunno. I enjoyed Southland a lot, but can easily see how it could veer into generic TV copshow territory, and I think Parks and Recreation should just be called The Other Office -- in which case it would simply be an inferior spin-off that has better ads than actual episodes.

- Crazy rich people are helping Bravo's ratings surge. My friend Matt has me watching Real Housewives of New York, which I admit is strangely compelling if you watch it with a bitchy friend who can call everyone out on their shit. Attempts to watch a mini-marathon of Orange County proved casting is everything.

- Lauren Shuler Donner let loose that X-Men First Class will be another prequel, focusing on Scott, Jean, and Beast (at least). I'm not really put off by the idea, I'm just unsure if its going to be set in the 80's, or will be a weird current-day reboot/prequel conundrum thing. I think X-Men Origins: Wolverine looks like mindless action-fare, and the script for X-Men Origins: Magneto was suprisingly pretty awesome, so we'll see. It is sort of sad to see the franchise impload and cannibalize on itself.

- Michael Vick wants his own reality show. If its about him living in inhumane conditions, being beaten, and fighting for his life before an eventual and brutal death, I say give it to him.


Jason said...

Yeah, it's sad that Fox has decided to go back and explore already established characters. They have a James Bond-able franchise on their hands...where they could continually draw on different mutants through the years (instead of packing them all into one).

Daniel said...

Um, I love the newsbits angle!

PortugePunk said...

i need to start reading these scripts. you're so in the loop!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Michael Vick needs to crawl under the nearest heavily-loaded freight train and put his neck on the rails, staying there until it moves.

Vinny said...

I'm lovin the newsbits Kyle.