Monday, April 27, 2009

newsbits: when pigs fly

- Amazing.

- Is it wrong that I'm happy the Swine Flu came to pass, thus changing the first 15 minutes of the NBC Nightly News? I'm sick of bailout coverage and stuff about GM. You can track it here.

- This has recieved the top spot on my Netflix queue.

- I didn't realize that Michael Dorn (Worf from TNG) was playing the President on Heroes. For a millisecond I thought about tuning in, but then I realized the show would only infuriate and insult me.

- I can't wait to see this on a plane one day:

- Star Trek is at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with 13 reviews. Fingers crossed.

- I'm SHOCKED that the Real Housewives of New Jersey have mob ties, especially after watching their 30-minute preview, which I thought would end in the Pine Barrens.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

100%? Really? Gosh...I may have to go see it after all.