Tuesday, September 11, 2007

faster than a speeding booger

Uncanny how I wound up with an Audi 5 days before a SoCal Audi Club event in the valley, isn't it?

Every year a bunch of the Audi-geeks (Boy, obviously, being one) head up to Buttonwillow, which is a blip on the map between LA and SF. It's after Magic Mountain, before Cowschwitz, and it barely qualifies as a town. It does, sadly, qualify as the smelliest place I've ever been in my life. Kathy Griffin said Kuwait smelled like a fart, well Buttonwillow smells like a sick person's shit. I'm not sure if I fell asleep so easily because I was exhausted, or because of the fumes.

Thankfully, the track itself did not smell like fecal matter, which is good since we spent a good 12 hours there on saturday and sunday. It wasn't a racing school, but rather a course the teaches you how to drive your car to the fullest (and at times the fastest).

My. New. Car. Is. Awesome.

I have to say wearing long sleeves and jeans in 95ยบ heat while navigating a winding road that ignores everything you were taught in driver's ed got a bit frustrating at times, but it was a worthwhile weekend, and I'm now 100% certain that I can stop on a dime and swerve to evade a dinosaur attacking a police car.

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