Thursday, September 13, 2007

the pull list

Comics I bought this week:

B.P.R.D: Killing Ground No. 2 - Potentially my favorite series on the shelves, it's surpassed it's father title (Hellboy) in artwork, consistency and intrigue.

Ultimate Spider-man No. 113 - Flickr friend Stuart Immonen continues doing a great job taking over a book that for obvious reasons belonged to Mark Bagley. Still, I find any Goblin storyline tedious.

Wonder Girl No. 1 of 6 - After finding a copy of the current Teen Titans Vol. 1 TPB used on Amazon for a buck, I now find myself waiting for volume 6 to arrive. I'm really enjoying the series, and was curious to see what this little spin-off miniseries had to offer. So far the only thing really worthwhile is the playful art that trumps a lot of the current Johnny DC books.

Thor No. 3 - Never cared about Thor. Ever. But JMS makes this book rule, Olivier Copiel is an amazing penciller tethered to a great inker and colorist, and its always fun seeing Iron Man get smacked down.

Ultimate Power No. 7 of 9 (heh) - My knee-jerk reaction is to buy this book because it's Jeph Loeb and Greg Land. I didn't really even get into reading it, I just looked at the pretty pictures.

Justice League of America Wedding Special - After a lackluster relaunch, Dwayne McDuffie is taking over from Brad Metzler. McDuffie happened to work on Cartoon Network's JLU series, and this looks like it's going to be a more adult continuation of the last season's arc. That is awesome, because JLU was awesome. Plus, things actually happen in this one-shot. Things that are important. The biggest surprise buy of the week that has me looking forward to JLA No. 13.

New Avengers No. 34 - Sure Bendis rambles, and sure Lenil Yu's pencils never cease to amaze me, but thank god some lingering questions got answered in this issue before we hopped into the New/Mighty Avengers cross-over.

The Walking Dead No. 42 - After months of delays, they're pumping this thing out almost bi-weekly now. I don't think it will last though, given the last panel of this issue that's a total game-changer.

I also snagged Legion of Superheroes Vol. 1 by Wait and Kitson. I know two people who are voices on the animated Legion series, so I figured I might want to get a feel for the universe before watching the kidified show (whose season 2 preview looks pretty nifty).

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PortugePunk said...

I went out this weekend and bought issues 1 & 2 of BPRD Killing Ground.

AWESOME! Read them straight through. Beautiful!