Saturday, September 22, 2007

the telly

New Shows to Watch:
Pushing Daisies - The best pilot with the best cast on a network that wants it to succeed so bad they probably won't cancel it when inevitably hits a rough patch after sweeps.
Reaper - I hate when good shows are on the CW, because you never know if they're a lost cause or going to be dragged out past their prime.
Moonlight - I miss Angel. Let's see how the rip-off fares.
Chuck - Josh Shwartz's time is better spent on this NBC show than the CW letdown (see below)

Old Shows to Look Forward To:
30 Rock and the Office - the best thursday night I can imagine.
Heroes - Oddly enough, I think this sophomore season has a better chance at success than...
Ugly Betty - can we say "uphill battle" little darling?
Friday Night Lights - Fingers crossed that lightning keeps striking. This was the best show of last season.
Men in Trees - People say I'm crazy when I tell them Anne Heche is great in a Sex in the City-meets-Northern Exposure dramedy, but I promise you I'm serious.
Brothers & Sisters - Sometimes bloated, sometimes satisfying. Like a real family.
CSI - C'mon, this is procedural technicolor splendor at its best.
Law & Order SVU - is on shakey ground, but I still love it.

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style - is surprisingly tender and informative
America's Next Top Model - is more outrageous than ever
Beauty and the Geek - will, as always, be addictive for exactly 65% of its season

Gossip Girl was a supreme let down, based entirely on the fact that it's a high school based series starring a bunch of 20-somethings who drink and fuck more than the kids on the Real World do each season.

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