Sunday, September 2, 2007

From A to Zanzabelle

In an uncharactistic move, Boy and I went for a late lunch in Los Feliz yesterday. On our travels we walked by a tiny ice cream and gift parlour called Zanzabelle. Two cups of ice cream and $100 in knicknacks later we left. It is awesome and you should check it out. I'm gonna see about getting some of my stuff in there.

Speaking of stuff, I have 2 things of note coming up: The Abbot Kinney Art walk at the end of september as well a group show called October Shadows (appropriately in October and Halloween themed). I'll give concrete dates and locations when I have them.

Los Angeles is empty since its Labor Day weekend. Being a household of freelancers, three-day weekends mean little to us, but it's nice to have no traffic. On the flipside, some of our favorite smaller eating establishments are closed. Bummer.

C'est la vie. Back to drawing!

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