Monday, July 14, 2008


Yes, I am going to Comicon. No, I don't have a table (maybe next year?). Taking the train down thursday, and probably just staying for the day. Comicon has turned into a full fledged zoo, and the only way I'm staying there for a full weekend is if I have a table to seek refuge behind.

After last year's took-forever Paramount panel, I had decided on no panels at all this year...but the Doctor Who/Torchwood panels are back to to back on Thursday...we'll see.

One of the silly perks/oddities of my life is that I often get to meet people on shows and movies that I love, and since most panels are blogged about the next day, its sorta like "why go through the hassle of waiting for hours to get into a room?" But seeing as I've never been to Europe and know no one at the BBC, Who/Torchwood just might be worth it,


Alden said...

Dang. I'll miss you by a day.

I've never been to a REAL convention so I thought may as well go to the mother of them all. It kind of feels like I'm planning to go to foreign country.

Sarah said...

I just read who is going to be on the Who/Torchwood panels, you have to go to Torchwood at least! Almost the entire cast is going to be there!