Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Three days after dropping her off at the shelter, we can't stop thinking about her. At the very least we're going to foster her, but the shelter keeps her for 4 days, which means we can't get her until friday. Best case scenario someone beats us to her, worst case we have a crowded house. The boys will be stressed as hell, but I hope they get used to her.

Prepare for your stomache to turn:

We've been calling a lot of animals shelters and clinics near where we found her to see if anyone has reported her missing (she knows how to sit and is fixed after all), but we were informed thanks to the housing crunch a lot of (horrific awful) families are abandoning pets. In the desert. Where they will surely die.

People don't realize that domesticated dogs rarely stand a chance in the wild. The most likely thing they'll eat will be feces, which spreads parasites that will eventually kill them. Or, like her (we're not married to the name "Penny"), almost get hit by traffic when they discover the highway.

People really disappoint me sometimes.

Okay, okay. People disappoint me often.


Masiosare said...

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Homer said...

Oh Kyle, it breaks my heart that this sort of thing happens.

Justin said...

I almost teared up just looking a the photo...he's freaking adorable with that dopey grin.

People, on the other hand, can be downright evil. If something's an inconvenience, we just get rid of AMERICAN.

PortugePunk said...

poor pups. humans are stupid stupid stupid creatures who often don't care about anyone/thing but themselves. i SOOOO wish I could steal her from under your noses, but I have no yard and I'm gone for 10 hours a day or more. Just not fair to her. :-( Maybe someday I can afford a house with a big yard where she (or a pup like her) can play while I'm at work.