Tuesday, July 1, 2008

mad money

Six days ago, work began pouring in at an alarming rate, and has yet to cease. We're late to bed, early to rise, and in a constant state of revisions. Today, for a moment, there was a break in the madness, and I decided to treat myself.

I made a run down to Amoeba to get the new BluRay release of Mad Men (my favorite show of the last year that unfortunately won the Best Drama Golden Globe during the ceremony-free writer's strike).

I love how inconsistent Amoeba is. Knowing that a new Complete Series release of Batman: The Animated Series was coming out with new material, I traded in my 4 volumes and was surprised to get $40 in store credit. I go to the BluRay section, and see that Mad Men is $45.99. You might think that "paying" $45.99 for a Blu Ray series is a steal, but the joy of Amoeba is the schizophrenic pricing - dig through the stacks, and for no reason at all, you'll find variations in price.

I got a brand new, unopened copy for $35.99. With tax, they essentially paid me $2 to buy it. And it is gorgeous. It's a crime that we have Bravo HD (which has no HD programming at the moment), but not AMC (which is horrible compressed, almost akin to watching YouTube on the big screen).

I know its weird that I'm posting emphatically that I got a deal on a great dvd purchase, but you just don't know how trying the past 6 days have been, and I'm happy that the universe found a way to repay me (before the checks arrive in the mail).

How amazing is Doctor Who? How crazy is that cliffhanger? Saturday can't get here fast enough!


Sarah said...

The Stolen Earth was amazing. The Daleks were actually scary, we had Harriet Jones and even though the running scene was totally cliché I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and completely and utterly enthralled by the spectacle. I am with you; it needs to be Saturday right now.

Justin said...

You make me want to watch Dr. Who...but I'd probably get addicted, and being that I'd have to drive 40 miles to my parents' house to watch TV, it would end up costing me a fortune.

PortugePunk said...

Doctor Who is amazing this season. It's totally changed my mind on the program.

Our head of A&R for Catalog here at work is family friends with D. Tennant. Can't wait for THAT autograph -- I don't even like autographs, but c'mon, it's D.Who!!!!

Matsuo said...
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Matt the Brit said...

Oh Doctor Who, how much you made me do a sad face on Saturday. Has the finale aired yet, mister Cummings?

And look at me accidentally deleting my own posts! Hooray!

kyle-cummings said...

oh yes dear matts, it aired on magical computer and was amaaazing.

Technically, we're now only 2 weeks behind on Torchwood and Who on SciFi/BBC America, and only 1 week behind on Graham Norton.