Thursday, July 3, 2008

comics snobbery

In which I voice my opinions about recent comic developments:

Astonishing X-Men
After a somewhat incoherent finish by Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis's continuation of the title proves to be a major winner. I could take or leave Simone Bianchi's art (his covers are great, his interior art a mixed-bag).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What went wrong? Seriously? From the unfunny Japan/Dracula storyline to Buffy's sexual schizophrenia, the book has "nuked the fridge."It was noted at dinner last night that Buffy was at its best when it was a modestly budgeted underdog on a No. 4 network (seasons 1-3 on the WB).

Batman R.I.P.
I'll take Paul Dini's Detective over Grant Morrison's Batman any day of the week, and if the rumors about the villain are true, then I'll call it a travesty. I could really care less about anything  happening in DC lately, because its massive crossovers and multigenerational multi-verse continuity makes me an outsider ... and I'm not a DC outsider.

Johnny DC
From Tiny Titans to Mike Kunkel's new Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!, this line is a winner. I only wish Superfriends was a better use of the petite JLA.

Secret Invasion
Fantastic. It makes me excited about going to the comics book store.

Fantastic Four
Delightfully self-contained, just like Astonishing X-Men.


John Bierly said...

I agree. Astonishing X-Men was brilliant. I love Warren Ellis. Don't like the art, but that's okay. And Batman ... more like "Zur en ARGH!"

kyle-cummings said...

The art is so hit or miss -- his covers are great, but i don't think he's the best interior draftsman, and every suit looks like its made thick padded leather.