Sunday, July 27, 2008


This week has been perhaps the most heartbreaking in recent memory. Highlighted only by a day-trip to Comicon, just about everything else going on reduced either of us to tears at one point or another.

We lost our houseguest under less-than-desirable circumstances, and last night Boy found a stray dog on the highway. After repeated near-misses with oncoming traffic, he brought her home. She was/is an absolute sweetheart, but is too big for us to take of with the two smaller dogs in the house. Not impossible mind you, but also not ideal.

Today we took her to the LA Humane Society. There were no missing pet reports regarding her description and she wasn't microchipped (CHIP YOUR DOGS, PEOPLE!) While being a large and clean facility, it was heartbreaking after only one night of caring for her, reducing us both to tears. We're listed as a "last resort," but I can only hope that a nice family comes to her rescue.

I keep telling myself that we've done all we can for her, and that's we've also rescued two other dogs from the facility, giving them a great home and wonderful companionship, but sometimes you just want to do more than you're able to. All you can do is try.

We named her Lucky Penny. Hopefully someone will pick her up.

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Justin said...

That brings tears to my eyes. How sad!

PortugePunk said...

She's awful cute. I'm sure she'll find a good home!

Anonymous said...

Keep her! Things happen for a reason sometimes, keep her.